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The Caden Murray Group is a premier consulting firm in the medical industry. CMG supports discerning healthcare providers by providing proven medical products and services. We also actively work with thought leaders and early adopters to advance the field of options available to our doctors and their patients.

Established in 2002, CMG empowers physicians with innovative medical technology to optimize patient care. The value of proven success, strong leadership, and developing industry relationships with impact players resonates with the upper echelon of medical professionals.

CMG has expanded as a unique product and service provider and continues to grow from its beginnings, as an executive search and staffing agency rooted in the Orthopedic and Spine space. The commitment to quality and integrity has been the backbone of a culture that is attractive to our clients and customers. We have since expanded into Consulting and Distribution for unique and value-added medical devices and practical solutions to physicians who are focused on their patients.

Ultimately, we evaluate premier medical innovations, products and organizations with our experts, so we are bringing a vetted entity to our surgeons, physicians, consultants, investors, and other industry professionals. You get what you deserve and should expect: solid results you can trust. The Caden Murray Group provides quality Innovative Medical Technology and Advanced Healthcare Solutions.


Edmund Orr

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Orr has over 20 Years in Business Leadership positions as a direct employee, consultant, and executive in Sales and Marketing for Start-Ups to Fortune 50 companies. As the Founding Principal of the Caden Murray Group, Mr. Orr has increased scope and services of the organization to discerning surgeons and physicians by forging relationships and delivering consistent results in the industry, primarily in the spine, orthopedic and regenerative medicine space. He has built sales distribution networks for medical device, biologics and pharmaceutical organizations. Mr. Orr prides himself in consulting with physicians to maximize the opportunity for successful patient outcomes.

Mr. Edmund “Iron” Orr hosts the NBC Sports Talk Radio Show, F1RST ROW 60 headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. He chairs the HIITSquad Organization, a charitable non-profit promoting combat ready fitness, and supporting heroic efforts in the face of violence, terror and war. Mr. Orr cherishes his active, brilliant and kind-hearted children: Sage, Shane and Sydelia. He is also an avid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) practitioner, holding the rank of blue belt.

Medical Advisory Board

We are currently expanding our Medical Advisory Board (MAB) to include the top surgeons and physicians in their fields of practice.