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Pharmacy Services

Compounded Formulations

The Caden Murray Group understands how critical getting the right medication to the patient can be. Sometimes that means customizing drug therapy to the individual beyond what is mass manufactured. Compounded Medication can empower the physician to tailor the medical regimen for each patient. Doctors can use different delivery vehicles (capsules, troches, creams, serums, sprays, etc.); combine several active ingredients to maximize the desired effect; avoid unwanted fillers or ingredients; and provide a custom product for the patient that is not commercially available.

Formulary Management

The Caden Murray Group understands getting the right medication at the right price is important. Formulary Management is an active part of our pharmacy’s standard operating procedure, as insurance varies and formularies are changing more rapidly than ever before. Our pharmacy will work with each provider with respect to the patient’s insurance plan to help get them efficacious medicine covered by their insurance plan.


Our highly qualified PharmDs are available for Clinical Consultation with physicians from collaboration on solutions for specific challenging cases to protocol guidance to comprehensive in-services. Of course, we provide patient consultation to ensure clear understanding in addition to clearly written directions.