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Professional Services

With a history in Executive Search and Staffing specific to the medical industry, the Caden Murray Group has built a valuable network of professionals who are experts in this space. We offer seasoned leadership and guidance to accomplished surgeons, specialists, family doctors and other medical professionals. CMG can serve as a conduit for Top Tier Surgeons and Physicians with Innovative Medical Technology to help industry translate cutting edge science from the research table to the bedside.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is an extremely critical component of a contemporary medical facility with respect of their financial health. The Caden Murray Group can help with Billing and Coding Audits that would provide historical and systemic Fiscal Analysis at no upfront cost. If there is money that can be recouped, and the facility chooses to engage, would a small percentage of the money recovered will be assessed as the fee. In addition to Billing and Coding Consulting Services, CMG offers ICD-10 Analysis, Electronic Health Records (EHR), and of course Compliance and Risk Mitigation.

CMG provides Innovative Medical Technology and Advanced Healthcare Solutions. If we cannot provide our doctors with tangible solutions from our wide and deep experience, we will always strive to support their efforts, and get them answers.